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In the past few months, the demand for commercial properties in Noida has increased to a larger extent. Commercial properties comprise of industrial estates, commercial shops in Noida, office space and retail shops in Noida. It is seen that strong demand from IT-enabled service sector, banking department, insurance segments as well as industries like pharmaceuticals, engineering and manufacturing plays a pivotal role in driving the demand for Commercial shops for sale in Noida. The major reason behind the growing demand for these properties is that companies are looking forward to get bigger due to much improved business conditions. Paras 133 in Noida is the best place where you will find the greatest deal for the commercial properties for sale and purchase in Noida.

Some more reasons to invest in commercial shops and retail shops in Noida

Apart from this, there are many people who are planning to enter into the field of business and for this they are in the search of a decent working place with all the important facilities. In addition, it is believed that the rental yield for commercial space is generally 8-11% in comparison to residential properties, which is usually 2-4%. For your commercial property, you can easily find tenant in the future. It is also believed that with the oversupply in commercial shops for sale in Noida and Retail Shop for sale in Noida Expressway, prices are relatively low and it holds scope for both capital appreciation as well as regular income, which is possible through monthly rentals. With more and more Indians realizing their entrepreneurial dream, India is witnessing a steady growth in business and by choosing a decent place to work; these business owners are managing to give all the comforts to their employees. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that there is a huge increase in people who are investing in commercial properties. On the other hand, if anyone is not sure about investing in such property, then you must consider that investing in office space or retail store is a very good proposition.

Today, investment in such real estate property has emerged as the more prudent option. So, if you are the one who is looking forward to invest in commercial or retail shop in Noida Expressway, then contact paras 133 today and get the best deals for your kind of business.

Commercial Shop for sale in Noida Expressway provided by paras 133 are located at prime locations and are equipped with a wide range of amenities such as 24*7 security, power backup, spacious conference hall, ATM facility, food court, maintenance staff, ample space for parking and many mor

Commercial Shop in Noida

e. In addition, these properties are thoughtfully planned so as give an amazing working experience.


Why choose the service apartments in Noida instead of Hotels?

Noida may be a town of multi-cultural price. It’s its modern life combined with all the technical freedom supported into it. It’s busy town with busy lives and nevertheless once it involves the values it preserves for its modernization, it stands on the highest. It’s additionally an area for nice traveler attraction. It is the place within the international community and plenty of folks notice Noida fascinating for brand spanking new business venues. With its nice ancient values it’s an awfully sensible place for traveler attraction because it falls near Delhi and Agra.

If you square measure you’re a coming up with an extended vacation somewhere in Asian nation and are yearning for budget hotels, you ought to take into account serviced apartments in Noida instead. Several long keep residences square measure higher than budget hotels you would possibly be considering. They need absolutely equipped room with icebox, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, well stocked with operating and living rooms, air con, cable TV in every room, Wi-Fi net, laundry service, and work that you simply would expect in an exceedingly edifice. You can find the best Service Apartments in Noida Expressway at Paras133.

Paras 133 has the best Service apartments in Noida for stays longer and lesser than week. Guests can cook for themselves, which implies that you simply pay grocery costs for food rather than marked up edifice costs. Most supply meals, with complimentary breakfast, therefore if you want; you are doing not need to cook. For a family on vacation, prices saved on uptake out for each meal square measure substantial. Beverages like low, juice or brewage consumed prices so much but it’d in an exceedingly edifice.

Advantages of service apartments in Noida and Noida Expressway:

Service apartments in Noida at Paras133 are kind of like modern residential flats that are rented or bought for small and extended period of time which could even be years. When you are travelling, Service Apartm

Commercial Shop for sale in Noida Expressway

ents are better choice than Hotels for they cost you less and provide you amazing features.

The other reason to rent service apartments in Noida Expressway are that the extra house provided that is not doable in hotels. Service apartments have range of rooms like lounge, feeding area, rooms with hooked up bogs and even room whereas Hotels solely offer one single bedroom with hooked up rest room.

How investing in commercial properties in Noida is a great option?

People often purchase commercial properties in Noida to use it for own use or to rent it for some return. They may resell the property after some years. The basic motive remains in the generation of profits. The return attached with each of these options must be ascertained for the commercial property.

If you are looking for an office space for your business, you can opt for a floor in a commercial complex on rent or on lease. On the other hand, if you are planning to rent or lease a Commercial Shop for sale in Noida Expressway property for opening up a shop or to lend to shop owners, the property must be clearly visible to the customers.

Even if you are using it for yourself, the property you have purchased must be located at a place where it can fetch you a good amount of money on reselling some time later in the future. A commercial property with a good worth will be a future investment made now.

It will be beneficial for you to keep a few points in mind before you buy or sell your commercial properties.

An investment made in purchasing a property must be carefully planned. The location of the commercial shops or office is a prime factor in deciding the rental amount as well as your own business’s credibility if you set up your own office in that space. Investing in such a location where commercial shops and offices experience a high rate of visitors and a great amount of footfall on a daily basis.

By the term location, the surroundings and accessibility must also be kept in mind. The India property must be at a hygienic and a clean place where there are adequate civic amenities also. The accessibility of the property is also an important factor. A commercial property relies heavily on it. It must be accessible easily through more than one or two roads with enough parking spaces available.

The current market worth of the property is also a point that is worthy to be kept in mind. There are many commercial locations in India where there are inflated rates to buy and sell property. You may not afford such a property if it exceeds your current availability of the funds with you. So, it is important that you look for an affordable yet profitable property. Availing loans for purchasing this property may be a solution.

It is also important to invest in Paras one33 commercial properties in Noida that can be mortgaged. This will also help in availing loans from the banks as well as securing clear papers to the property. The future of reality is always dicey. Investing in properties is always risky buy that risk may be minimized by keeping these above points always in mind.

Paras133- Looking For Service Apartments Noida?

Service Apartments is relatively a new concept in India, but are in great demand in metros and places having corporate hubs. Service Apartments in Noida are fully furnished apartments which are available on rent for many purposes like long stays, medical tours, and business trips. These are full of all the amenities for daily use and reason they are in trend is that they are cost effective and full of all the features that one can get in hotels. Serviced apartments have actually become an alternate for people who look for budget hotel for their long stay in any other country or city.

These service apartments are almost similar to the concept of bread and breakfast or guest houses but they cater the people who are willing to live for a longer duration. Many serviced apartments also provide breakfast and dinner complementary and this becomes the main reason why people look for these instead of any budget hotels or guest houses. All the modern facilities like Wi-Fi, fax, cars on rental, ticket bookings, gym and indoor game room are also provided by them in order to have an edge over others.

The cities of India which have incorporated the trend of service apartments are Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Goa etc. Reason for being these apartments in demand is the number of people travelling to these for different purposes like business deals, official trips, foreign travelers and other people who come and live for long duration of a few weeks, months or even more. Noida is the city which has the maximum of number serviced apartments after Delhi.

Service Apartments in Noida is growing in numbers with increasing demand of them in recent years. Noida after being rapidly developed by real estate builders, have become the latest IT hub of India. With a number of world-class hospitals, 5 star hotels, corporate office and IT companies located there, it has become the top priority of investors from people all across the world. People from all over the world come to Noida for business trips, official tours, and medical tourism and for investment etc. When people have to stay for a day or two they go for luxury 5 star hotels but when they have to live for longer duration in Noida it becomes hard to afford the rent of hotels, in that case serviced apartments in Noida is a feasible option as they are economical on pocket but are as luxurious and hygienic as 5 star hotels.

PARAS 133 is one such service apartment providers which has been rated as best Service Apartments in Noida. They can be your best choice for your shot or long term stay in Noida.

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Commercial Property in Noida – Paras133

Buying a commercial property in Noida Expressway can be very difficult task, especially when the big investment is involved. Investing in real estate properties can be highly rewarding, if you are clear about your goals and shop smartly. You might want to purchase a big office or the building for your current business or perhaps you might be looking for multiple family homes. If you take the help of right commercial property consultants while buying or selling a commercial property, the investment could be the great one and may generate a bigger income for you. Since buying real estate products is very tough task, we provide you some important tips, which will for sure help you to invest in a very lucrative commercial asset.

Look into your needs- Always consider what you are looking for in a piece of commercial property in Noida Expressway. Consider the size of the building, whether you want a rental property, or you need office space. All these things are important aspects of the decision when looking for real estate properties.

Never hurry up-Since you are going to invest a large amount of money, give yourself enough time. Consider location, research market price and take into account other factors such as safety, environmental issues, surroundings and the income you may generate from the property.

Financing-As you might not be having enough cash for buying a commercial property, talk with a Paras 133 lender, if you are in need of a loan. Make sure you find a reliable mortgage lender that handles loans for various types of commercial properties in your city or town.

Find property management firm-It is important to consult a real estate agent who specializes selling and buying commercial property. Tell your agent what you are looking for, your budget. Sit with commercial property consultants and ask right questions to understand the differences in the process of buying commercial assets.

If you follow the above process of buying commercial property Noida Expressway, you are for sure going to make the right investments with high returns. However, while you invest, make sure that you talk to various commercial property consultants so that you can come to know about various properties, their prices and benefits. To know more about the real estate commercial properties in Noida Expressway, you can visit internet and get an idea of how and where to find the best properties in your area at the best location and price.

Paras 133 has the best commercial property deals to crack in Noida Expressway.

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